Policies + Procedures

I am a natural light photographer who shoots on location. Most of the locations I photograph are in or around Rexburg. Locations outside of the general Rexburg area may require an appropriate travel fee. I do travel out of state for wedding coverage and would be happy to give you a custom quote for your location. Even if I pick the same location we have used in the past, that does not mean we will use the same exact spot. Suggestions are welcome and I will do my best to accommodate your ideas. Keep in mind, I pick location and session time based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) your personal availability, color choices of outfit, location like/dislikes, time of year, and especially weather.

Deposits, Payments, and Contracts:
A reasonable non-refundable deposit is due at booking. Sessions must be paid in full 24 hours prior to the session. Payments can be made via Venmo (fees may apply), Cash or Check delivered in person, or via mail (for reunion or wedding deposits). Please contact me for address and check information. A signed contract and deposit is due within 24 hours of booking. Quotes are valid for a period of 3 days from the time of inquiry. The balance is subject to change. If you have any questions or concerns about what is included in your session, please contact me prior to your session time.

TIME and scheduling: 
Don't be late. Your time starts when the session is scheduled to start. Session time is deducted even if you are not there. If you schedule a 30 minute session, and you are 15 minutes late, you only get 15 more minutes to capture the most important images from your session. No refunds will be given for the time you missed. If you miss your session entirely, you forfeit your deposit and I am no longer held responsible for providing a session or additional time. Every newly scheduled session requires its own deposit. Deposits cannot be transferred. One reschedule is allotted per session and for a date within 4 weeks of the original session date. Cancellations can be made up to 1 hour prior to the meeting time for your session, and rescheduling must be done within 24 hours. If you do not contact me within that 1 hour window, I will consider it a no-show. Additional reschedules will be subject to a $25 fee per change. This goes for all sessions. Regular sessions, half sessions, and 2 hour elopements/temple coverage are available Monday through Thursday. Full session only, and 3 hour minimum for Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for 4 hour minimum weddings. Reunions can be scheduled on any day at the photographers discretion during the length of the gathering. Additionally, any session that is to take place on a holiday or holiday weekend may be subject to holiday rates/fees.

Turnaround Time:
Turnaround time for pictures depends on how busy I am during that particular season, but typically within a 3-14 day period for regular sessions and up to 4 weeks for elopements/weddings. For regular sessions, I will post sneak peeks on Facebook page and/or Instagram within 24 hours. All sessions fall into a queue with all my other sessions. If you need your pictures back within a certain time period that doesn't fall within my turnaround perimeters at that moment, a rush fee with be required. See "Images" for additional information regarding what to expect after your session.
When your images are done being edited, you will be sent a link to your personal album, a password for access, and a pin for downloading. You are responsible for downloading your files within the allotted time. I suggest downloading the entire album as hi-res/original sizing to at least two devices that are capable of accepting large downloads. Use the web size option for devices such as your cell phone and/or tablets. Your album is available and accessible for 30 days after your session date, 60-90 days for weddings, and 2 weeks for half/specialty sessions. Once they are taken down, there will be a fee for additional access, so be sure to download your album and save it to some sort of hard drive or cloud. All images are cropped to 4:6 (6:4) ratio unless otherwise labeled. I do not give out RAW or unedited images. I only release photos after they are edited. They are edited to my specific style/creative eye. I will not release unedited files or photos that I do not represent me as an artist/photographer. Aside from reunions and specialized mini sessions that both result in a specified number of photos delivered depending on the size of the group and/or specials, 30 minute sessions will result in 25+ photos, full sessions will result in 50+ photos, and weddings will result in at least 100+ photos (about 50 images per hour). My goal, and business standard, is to give you as many images as I can, but I will only guarantee the numbers previously listed. 
You can publish your pictures online however you like, via social media, blog, email, etc. With the exception of cropping, altering the photos in any way is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to computer editing programs, social media filters, or other programs or apps that change or distort the time and effort I put in to making the photos represent my style and artistry. When sharing photos, please give credit to me, Jayme Christensen and/or 3181 Photo + Film. 
This sounds so weird doesn't it? But much like having to weed your garden, I weed through my hard drive and get rid of most of my work. I know it's crazy. But I just don't have the capacity to keep every single picture that I take. I keep the original copies until I'm done editing. And then I keep edited copies until my clients have received their photos. You are responsible for your pictures once you receive them. Download the original size files onto your computer, backup onto an external hard drive, or some sort of cloud program, and download web-size to other devices such as tablets and cell phones. 

I retain the copyright to the images that I have taken. Even though I give you printing and publishing rights, I retain the right to use the images for my own use in promoting my photography business. You are not allowed to print for sale or to enter any of the photographs into contests or albums where there could be any assumption that the photographs were taken by someone else. These photographs should not be printed and used for any type of financial gain or profit. Such circumstances can and will lead to legal action. 
​As always, be respectful. Don't take advantage. I give very freely of myself to the work I love. You know what is right, and you know what is wrong. Now let's get out there and have fun!