3181 is the house number by which her grandparents home became known as. It was a sort of haven, to the kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and friends that frequented its doors. Now when family members reminisce about memories they made, 3181 is at the forefront of the conversation. Memories that were full of laughter, tears, music, games, and quality time. All the important things that Jayme values and brings to each of her sessions. The home was located on a beautiful piece of property in the cute town of Walnut Creek, CA, where Jayme was born. While she wasn't raised there, Grandma and Grandpa's house was exactly 29 minutes from where she grew up. The house was built in 1962 as a fresh start, a new beginning, for two families who were encouraged to become one. While the importance and love of 3181 is hard to convey in words, it has presented itself to Jayme on more than one occasion as the new beginning for her business. Bringing the past and the future together.

3181 Photo + Film is the newest creation to come from Jayme Christensen. For 16 years Jayme has run her business under her own name and title, but with time comes growth, and with growth comes a new sense of self and an opportunity to aspire to something different while still providing the same quality, detail, and experience you have come to expect from her. 

Jayme has been a professional photographer for over a decade. When she started, she  teamed up with her sister and the two of them ran ABC Digital Photography in Rexburg; a home-visit business that provided portraits of babies and toddlers from the comfort of their home. After a year, Jayme branched out to photograph seniors and weddings. In the last 12 years however, she has come to master it all. Including families, weddings, seniors, and reunions.

About 3181 Photo + Film

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Who is Jayme?

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        Jayme has traveled to 10 different states specifically for photo sessions and wedding coverage. These states are: Nevada, Alaska, North Carolina, California, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Louisiana, Florida, and Arizona. She would love to have more states and countries added to this list! 

                       Over 200k edited images delivered. That is over 200,000 individual moments shared with hundreds of families, seniors, and couples.

    The amount of times Jayme has watched all 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls series while editing…and that is just the Gilmore Girls. We won't even mention Grey's Anatomy, Vikings, House, Mad Men, Buffy, Charmed...

     Jayme has been married for about 17 years and falls in love with her husband more every day.  They have two boys who were both fearfully and wonderfully made. They make her laugh everyday. Her own love story gives her the inspiration for capturing your moments.