Beautiful and Emotional Anniversary Session During a Hazy Sunset

Blake and Brookie are two of my favorite people in this world. They both do so much for other people, are raising 8 beautiful children, have some of the strongest testimonies of Jesus Christ, have the best sense of humour, and celebrated 21 years of marriage last May. Blake was called to be in our new bishopric just hours before this session, and knowing that the beard he had meticulously grown for the past year or so would be removed in a matter of days, had to be documented before he shaved it off. So we went out in the country and caught this beautiful hazy sunlit sky for some pics of just the two of them. Brookie cried, Blake cried, I hid my tears, but we all cried. I still haven’t figured out if the tears were shed for the beard, or for the amount of love and respect they have for each other.

January 11, 2022

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