Just a Rock + Roll Country Girl Road-Trippin’ to Grant Teton Nation Park for Senior Pics

In May, my niece, Kamo, texted me and asked if I would take her senior pictures, since she would be graduating in June. I panicked a little, knowing that my schedule may not have adequate time for me to fly or drive to Washington State to get them done in time for graduation, and not wanting to make her wait too long after the graduation ceremony, my only choice was to try and convince her to come to me. Her dad made sure to say that although she was willing to come out to Idaho, she “has a vision” for her senior photos, which included horses and barns. I immediately went through my old sessions and grabbed some screen shots to send back so they would both know I had her covered.

Barn at sundown in Eastern Idaho

We started looking into dates and flights, but a couple days later she texted me and asked if she could drive out so that she could bring her pup, Moose, along with her. Her one concern with doing pictures away from home, was that she wouldn’t have anything personal to add to them. Of course I couldn’t refuse, I mean, I wanted her to have all that she wanted to complete her plan, and besides, who wouldn’t want to snuggle an adorable German Shepherd? We only had a few days to get in the spots/visions that we planned and thankfully, weather and lighting cooperated as best they could. Let’s be real, I could’ve done with a tad more clouds and a little less haze. We started out with Moose for a quick session so that he wouldn’t have to be out in the heat for too long. He is still very much a puppy and was still going through the stresses of a long 12+ hour road trip to stay with people he has never met before.

Once we were done with the first set we dropped him off and went on to the second location. We were given permission to use a piece of property that couldn’t have been more perfect for her senior photos. Barns, horses, chickens, cows…she was completely “at home” and loving every minute of it.

When we got back to the house I uploaded the pictures and let her choose the editing style. While these aren’t my normal coloring/editing style, they are absolutely perfect for what she was going for. If you think these are pretty, wait until you see what comes last…

The next morning we got up early and hit the town to grab some pictures in the cap/gown. There is something so classic and gorgeous about a brick wall.

I told her I had an engagement session to photograph in Jackson and Grant Teton National Park that evening, but if she didn’t mind tagging along with me, she might enjoy the ride, the entertainment of me constantly making a fool of myself in front of my clients, and we could grab some more pictures. I mean, how many teenagers can say they drove three states over to have their senior pictures taken in Grand Teton National Park? So we packed up the cameras and headed out on another little road trip. Once there we hit up Mormon Row and finished up her senior pictures there before meeting my clients in another spot.

July 14, 2021

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